During his 16 years in the cold fusion field, Dr. Grimshaw has given presentations at many cold fusion conferences. He has networked actively and has come to know many of the researchers. Shown below are comments from some of the most prominent participants in the field.

Tom Grimshaw has long made two kinds of stellar contributions to the advancement of the science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).  They are creative contributions to the literature about LENR on policy and related matters, and the archiving of the published and unpublished works of many scientists and organizations in the field.  Tom has been the leader regarding needed policy by governments and other organizations on the development and exploitation of LENR as a new source of clean energy for humankind. Scientists have two tasks, to learn new things and to communicate them to others. Their published and posted reports, and very importantly, unpublished data, are invaluable for advancement of fields like LENR.  Tom’s formal projects on documenting and making publicly available the works of leading LENR researchers contribute to both the advancement and history of the field.

David Nagel, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Graham Hubler, Ashraf Imam and Dave Nagel in Dave’s Office, Washington, DC, October 2019

Tom Grimshaw has been a friend and colleague for many years while providing a trusted reality check on many occasions. Recently, he has put his organizational skills to good use by organizing my large collection of research results. This effort has been so successful and necessary that he is now providing this important service for other people. I highly recommend his approach because it will make the information available to future researches and historians.

Ed Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Retired), Santa Fe, NM

Ed Storms at ICCF-18, Columbia, MO, July 2013

Thomas Grimshaw has performed a remarkable service in capturing the history and research activities of various cold fusion (LENR) scientists.  This important scientific discovery has struggled for more than 30 years against opposition from major research institutions.   Tom has documented most of my LENR research activities, notebook records, research publications about this topic and photos and recordings relating to International Cold Fusion Conferences (ICCF). If truth eventually gains acceptance, then all these activities by Thomas Grimshaw will be very important for this scientific history of Cold Fusion.

Mel Miles, U.S. Naval Weapons Center (Retired), China Lake, CA

Melvin Miles, St. George, UT, May 2019

I have known Thomas since he and Ed Storms started an archive project to collect and preserve all of Ed’s voluminous documentation relating to Cold Fusion and especially the early days at Los Alamos that were not well documented. When he found out that Malcolm Fowler and I were intimately involved in one way or another in cold fusion research at Los Alamos he offered his services to document those days from a different perspective than offered by Ed. Tirelessly, he worked with us to collect documents and research that would be useful to historians and others interested in the “off the books” research that took place in the early 90’s and beyond. I am very grateful to Thomas for this effort as it recalled a number of research initiatives that would probably be lost to time if not for his intervention. We also collaborated on a proposal to develop a laboratory specifically dedicated to this research. An existing small research laboratory (Ferme Technology) in the suburbs of Los Alamos was the outcome of our efforts.

I believe his interest in LENR is a product of his tenure at the Energy Institute at UT. Like most of us, he is invested in the vision of a non-carbon clean energy source. I understand that he has expanded his overview of LENR to cover a number of other prominent researchers in this area. Thomas has an academic background, is an excellent communicator, and as such, has presented some of his interesting work at a number of International cold fusion conferences. I greatly value our past and ongoing collaborations.

Tom Claytor, High Mesa Technology, White Rock, NM

Malcolm Fowler and Tom Claytor at Claytor’s Lab, White Rock, NM, February 2019

I have interacted with Tom Grimshaw for over 10 years. Tom has always been pleasant to work with and has contributed his many talents to the field of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).

Tom has contributed to the proposed economic impact of LENR on the general energy field in the U.S. and globally. His analyses have presumably helped both proposal writers and government contract monitors understand and justify funding in this field. I have introduced at least one potential industrial investor to Tom to explain the ramifications that LENR can have on the energy investment community. Tom’s work in patent preparation and prosecution has been useful in understanding the intricacies of filing patents in this controversial LENR field. His advice has assuredly affected many patent applications in this field.

Most recently Tom has sent his efforts in documenting the history of the field starting with the players that have worked in LENR since day one. He has tirelessly interviewed and examined the work of many of those who are still around from the early days. I have had the privilege to help Tom to document the work performed at SRI International over those years. Although there is much more work on this topic and many others active in, and retired from, the field I am confident that Tom will continue his excellent documentation of history, sorely needed in LENR.

Fran Tanzella, SRI International (Retired), Belmont, CA

Fran Tanzella in His Lab, Belmont, CA, October 2019

I met Dr. Grimshaw in 2005-2006 when he was working on a second Master’s degree at the LBJ School, UT Austin. Dr. Grimshaw asked me to introduce him to the field of LENR so he could contribute to the field in the form of energy policy analysis at the state and federal levels. We have many researchers in the field of LENR, but only one policy expert – Dr. Grimshaw.

In the years since, Dr. Grimshaw has become well known in the field of LENR, contributing many important papers on the methods of scientific proof and in archiving the results and methods of many long-time researchers. I consider myself fortunate to be part of Dr. Grimshaw’s LENR Research Documentation Project, which serves to provide a legacy for future researchers to better understand the work done by the early researchers in the field of LENR, historically known as “cold fusion”.

Dennis Letts, LettsLab, Austin, TX

Dennis Letts at His Letts Lab, Austin, TX, July 2019

Putting together the enormous outpouring of controversy, comment and trial experiments on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions since the March 23, 1989 announcement by Martin Fleischmann an Stanley Pons is the objective of the LENR Research Documentation Initiative. Students of physics, chemistry and sociology will find a gold mine to explore. The promise of a new energy source threatens all existing ones so the reaction from stakeholders in each existing energy source is understandable as a defensive measure to protect existing investment. The author, Tom Grimshaw, accomplished a number of interviews to enlist the support of selected participants in the subject and wishes to thank them for their cooperation.

Tom Passell, Electric Power Research Institute (Retired), Mountain View, CA

Tom Passell in His Lab, Mountain View, CA, June 2021