After many years of affiliations with three research entities of The University of Texas at Austin (UT), Dr. Grimshaw now engages with cold fusion issues through his firm, LENRGY, LLC. He created LENRGY as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Texas. The name has been registered as a trademark with the US Patent and Trade Office. It is located in Austin, Texas. LENRGY’s mission is to pursue the benefits of cold fusion realization. It accomplishes its mission by providing services in four areas – cold fusion public policy analysis, documenting LENR research records, supporting investigators and other interested parties, and providing information and outreach.

Dr. Grimshaw has over 16 years of cold fusion experience and has prepared more than 60 publications, reports and presentations. He has received financial support for his LENR work from several entities, including UT, the New Energy Foundation, National Instruments and its president Dr. James Truchard, and the Anthropocene Institute.

Cold Fusion Policy Analysis

Policy analysis for cold fusion encompasses policies both for supporting its development and for dealing with adverse secondary impacts. Although the experimental evidence for cold fusion is strong, it may be difficult for policymakers, many of whom do not have a technical background, to evaluate this evidence. LENRGY utilizes evidence-based policymaking (EBP) to help interpret the scientific evidence in terms that are easily recognized by policymakers: preponderance of evidence, clear and convincing evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Technology assessment is advocated as an effective methodology for dealing with disruptive new technical developments like cold fusion. The disruptive impacts have been identified, and a methodology for preparing mitigative measures has been developed.

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Dr. Grimshaw began his policy analysis work at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin.

Documenting and Archiving LENR Research Records

Because LENR is a pariah science, few scientists have been attracted to the field since its rejection. Many of the researchers who began their work soon after the 1989 announcement are now leaving the field because of retirement or health issues. The large volume of research records developed over the past 30 years is at risk of being lost. LENRGY is conducting an initiative to help mitigate the potential loss. The objective the LRDI is to help researchers make sure that their records are preserved and kept available for additional analysis and interpretation as the LENR field continues to progress.

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Dr. Grimshaw works with LENR reseachers to preserve their records.
Dr. Edmund Storms’ Hardcopy Records at His Home Laboratory in Santa Fe, NM

Assisting Researchers and Other Interested Parties

LENRGY supports cold fusion researchers in many ways, both directly and indirectly. Pursuit of policy changes for research support is intended as a way to assist researchers indirectly to obtain funding for their cold fusion work. Direct assistance has been provided for proposal preparation and for evaluating experimental results and demonstrations.

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Dr. Grimshaw helps interested parties to evaluate cold fusion claims.
Brian Glass (Left) and Lothar Wenzel (National Instruments) at Defkalion Green Technologies Lab. DGT’s “Hyperion” Reactor in Foreground.

Communications and Outreach

Dr. Grimshaw has been giving presentations, particularly on cold fusion public policies since he was a master’s degree student at the LBJ School. Most of his professional presentations since then have also been on policy considerations of the phenomenon as well as documentation of research records. He has also given updates on the current status and future prospects of cold fusion to a variety of audiences.

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Professional Resume

Dr. Grimshaw has held a number of positions in his cold fusion work. He has prepared more than 60 cold fusion publications, reports and presentations. He had an extensive and successful career in environmental protection and cleanup before he changed his focus to cold fusion.

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Publications and Reports

During his years of LENR work, Dr. Thomas Grimshaw, LENRGY President, has prepared more than 60 publications, papers, presentations and reports. Many of the presentations and posters have been given at International Conferences on Cold Fusion (ICCFs). A principal topic has been policy analysis for the LENR case, including both policies for research support and realization of LENR benefits and policies for proactive planning to deal with anticipated adverse secondary impacts. Most recently, presentations and reports have been on documentation of the research of cold fusion investigators.

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Dr. Thomas Grimshaw’s Cold Fusion Journey

Thomas Grimshaw has a Ph.D. in geology and had a long and successful career in environmental protection and cleanup before changing to energy policy with a focus on cold fusion. His bachelor’s degree is in geological engineering. His interest in cold fusion began while he was getting his master’s degree at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, where he wrote his Professional Report (thesis) on public policy toward cold fusion. His primary career objective is to help achieve the benefits of cold fusion realization. He seeks in some way to advance the phenomenon for the benefit of humankind.

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