LENR is a controversial phenomenon that may be able to meet a substantial portion of the world’s energy requirements. LENRGY LLC was formed by Thomas W Grimshaw, PhD, to provide consulting services and pursue policy changes for LENR. The name LENRGY (LENR Energy) signifies the energy benefits potentially available from LENR. The company’s mission is to pursue the realization of these benefits. This mission is accomplished by providing four types of services:

  • Policy analysis – for both supporting research and dealing with adverse secondary impacts
  • Support of LENR investigators
  • Documentation of LENR research records
  • Providing communications and outreach services

LENRGY services are offered on a foundation established in Dr. Grimshaw’s previous position as Research Affiliate at the Energy Institute, The University of Texas at Austin. He has attained substantial experience in all four service areas, including papers at conferences, reports to research sponsors, proposals for new LENR laboratories, and assistance with documenting research in the field. Click here for a list of Dr. Grimshaw’s publications.

LENRGY is underpinned by Dr. Grimshaw’s long and successful consulting career in environmental services. These services included baseline environmental studies for new facilities, cleanup of contaminated sites, and policy analysis for large-scale energy development in the western US. Click here for information on Dr. Grimshaw’s pre-LENR environmental career.

The objectives of this LENRGY website are two-fold – first to provide introductory information on the LENR field and it’s current status and second to describe the services offered and relevant experience of the company. Additional information on LENRGY is available at the following links:

Activities and Services Policy Analysis
LENR Experience —–Realization of LENR Benefits
Publications and Presentations —–Mitigation of Adverse Impacts
Pre-LENR Environmental Career LENR Investigator Support
Contact Information Research Documentation
  Outreach and Communications