LENRGY was formed by Thomas Grimshaw, Ph.D., to provide services for developing LENR and realizing its potential benefits. Policies are also pursued for mitigating its expected adverse secondary impacts. Dr. Grimshaw has more than 14 years of LENR experience, including policy analysis, support of researchers, and outreach activities. LENRGY consulting is set up as a complement to Dr. Grimshaw’s academic LENR research and related activities.

The company has a strong foundation based on Dr. Grimshaw’s extensive previous career in environmental consulting and policy analysis. Before deciding to focus on LENR, he worked on analysis of policies and regulations for shale oil and shale gas development. Dr. Grimshaw previously worked for many years providing environmental services to clients, mostly related to energy development and utilization.

Dr. Grimshaw held positions with The University of Texas at Austin for over 14 years. Until the end of 2019 he was a Research Affiliate at the Energy Institute, which fosters interdisciplinary interactions among the teaching and research components of the University. Previously, he was a Research Fellow at the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy. While there, he supervised a student internship for mitigation planning for adverse secondary impacts resulting from potential broad deployment of LENR as an energy source. Dr. Grimshaw has also been on the Adjunct Faculty of the LBJ School of Public Affairs, where he co-taught two energy-related Policy Research Projects as well as a course in environmental policy. He has also held the position of Associate Director of Environmental Programs at the University’s Bureau of Economic Geology.

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